Monte Carlo Methods


Simulation / Compute function expectation

Compute function integral

Suppose we want to find the value of:


in some region with volume V.
Now, we can estimate this integral by estimating the proportion of random points that fall under f(x), then multiplied by V.

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Convergence Rate

The speed Monte Carlo method converges to the correct result as we increase the sample size / number of simulations.

Monte Carlo has convergence rate O(N^{0.5}).

Quasi Monte Carlo has convergence rate O(\frac{1}{N}).

Variance Reduction

Reduce the variance of Monte Carlo simulated result with regard to the true result.

Increase number of simulations

Not very feasible, as in order to decrease variance / noise linearly, we have to increase simulations exponentially.

Importance Sampling


Quasi Monte Carlo (QMC)

Low-discrepancy Sequence
Halton Sequence
Sobol Sequence
Faure Sequence

We take any prime number r where r>=2. Any integer n has a unique expansion with base r. We can then generate a sequence of numbers in the interval [0, 1), which are equally spaced within the interval.

For example, r = 3 and n = 7. We can write 7 in the form of base 3 as below:

    \[7 = 2(3^{1}) + 1(3^{0}) = 21_{3}\]

Now, if we reflect this number about its “decimal point”, we get a new number in [0, 1):

    \[1(3^{-1}) + 2(3^{-2}) = \frac{5}{9}\]

We keep on doing this for every number n, we will generate a sequence in interval [0, 1). And we observe that the newly generated number keep filling the gaps in proceeding sequence. For example, for n = 1 to 9, we have below Faure Sequence:

    \[\frac{9}{27}, \frac{18}{27}, \frac{3}{27}, \frac{12}{27}, \frac{21}{27}, \frac{6}{27}, \frac{15}{27}, \frac{24}{27}, \frac{1}{27}, \]

In a general form, for any given number n, we can represent n in base r:

    \[n = \sum_{j=0}^{m}a_{j}(n)r^{j}\]

Then, we can find the corresponding Faure number in interval [0, 1) as follows:


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